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Re: 3rd tri heartburn......

Originally Posted by mamaratliff View Post
Honestly you're probably a little bit dehydrated. Drink a ton of water and it should improve greatly. Although the first 24 hrs or so will probably be horrible I was taking zantac twice a day AND tums in my second trimester, I could NOT get it under control. It was getting to be too much, so I stopped everything, and did tons of water. After that I was totally able to keep it under control with NO meds for the whole 3'rd trimester. If I had a flare up after that, sometimes a whole apple would help. And eeevery once in a while I would need a tums. But water was my magic cure!
Water for me just made my reflux worse, like it gave more volume to my stomach contents and sent them up higher and faster. But I got reflux from everything, even a simple cup of water. I am certain I wasn't dehydrated as my pee was (and is) generally clear; I am a crazy water drinker/ice chewer while pregnant.
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