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Re: My nb's rash is getting worse

Originally Posted by jewelzbird View Post
We had this. What worked for us was a rotation. We put cortizone cream with nystatin (RX for and ask for it if you don't have it...they can just call it in to the pharmacy!), then tripple antibiotic ointment (not neosporin brand i hear it has an irritating additive in it) with nystatin at every other change. We eventually were given an RX for bacteria too, which we rotated in.
Ex: diaper change 1:cortisone cream with nystatin over it
" " 2: antibiotic cream with nystatin over
3: bacteria cream with cortisone
This was the only thing that worked once we got to the bleeding stage. Also we used and bowl of tepid water with a squirting syringe thing to clean him (like for meds), not wiping...too painful! So sorry! It will get better and your baby will one day giggle during changes i promise!
PS I love triple paste, but if there is yeast i was told the regular diaper creams breed more of it and to not use them during that time.
PPS Take probiotics twice a day and make sure you air dry nipples after feedings if you are Bfing!! This yeast thing can get out of hand and you can get thrush...which REALLY sucks!! Wear a cotton bra too!
Thanks for all the info! sara
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