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Originally Posted by jaelynsmommy61607

At this age she shouldn't be eating any food. Does the stuff dissolve well? If so I'd mix it with bm and put it in a medcine syringe.
She turned 4 months Sunday, but she's still not able to sit up on her own yet. I'll try to mix it with breast milk tonight. The applesauce made her poopy even more disgusting. She's nursing a little better today. At first she was refusing the right side, but my in-laws were visiting and things were too loud in the living room so I took her into my bedroom and got her to latch on the left and then switched her to the right after a few minutes. It seems like my right side is drowning her sometimes and it makes her really mad. My milk supply seems to have recovered. I increased my portion sizes and meat consumption and it seems to have helped the most. She nurses for a very long time, but she likes to stay on until my breast is soft and sometimes she only takes one side. I can hear her swallowing so that's encouraging. Her suck isn't very forceful though. We've been struggling with a weak latch since she was born. The traveling nurse we had when she was first born checked her for a tongue tie and said she doesn't have one. She blamed her poor latch on being born early. The baby was born at 37 weeks though so it wasn't that early so I just don't know what to think. I was told her latch would get stronger with time.
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