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Micah's birth story.

Micah's birth.

Thursday morning I woke up earlier then normal, and decided to make the most of it and get started with school..we finished super quick..during school I noticed my Braxton hicks were different feeling, but nothing that said "labor's coming". . Made the kids a nice big lunch, got my house re-cleaned since Luke and I had cleaned on Wednesday night, and played some Wii with the kiddos. As my usual routine, around 2 I laid down Kate for a nap, busied my older two, and laid down myself. Played on the iPad for a while before deciding to turn over in bed and watch whatever Baby story type show was on. I had also just talked to Luke about trying not to push getting home so late in the day.

It was 2:30 and I flipped over and went to tuck my big maternity pillow into its comfy position when I felt a pop, it started getting warm "down there" and for some reason I thought I'd peed myself, but as soon as I thought that, it started getting really wet and I realized what had happened, my water broke! I jumped out of bed and rushed to the was gushing out..I had a ton of fluid so I knew it would just keep coming.

I called Olivia and asked her to retrieve my cell phone, called Luke back and told him to come on home because it was going to be baby day! Called my Mom/midwife and she just happened to be with her apprentice and said they would be on their way. Called my friend/photographer and she thankfully was wrapping up at work and was going to get her camera and come. Wasn't really having any contractions, so I wasn't sure how long it would take for those to start. I laid back down in bed and waited and around 3:30 I called both Luke and Mom back because contractions had started and they were already very painful and meant business. Luke was 15ish minutes out and Mom was getting Chick-fil-a down the road from us. Photographer friend showed up just as the rest did.

Luke immediately started up filling the pool, and Mom and apprentice started stats on me, 6 cm's fully effaced and 0 station for those that care for serious details. Labored for a while with Luke by myself waiting for the pool to fill some, finally it was deep enough and it felt sooo good to get in, but wasn't as pain relieving as I remembered it being last time, but it was better then nothing and the idea of delivering out of the water made me nervous for some reason.

I wasn't in the pool long before I noticed I had some pressure..nothing I felt a couldn't breath through, but it was there. I had this fear about pushing before I was really ready, so mom suggested I pant/breath through a few more before deciding whether to push or not. By the time those 2-3 contractions were over, my body was pushing..I pushed one good time and didn't feel like anything push and suddenly he was crowning. I heard them saying, "His ears are out, his head is out,there's one arm, there's the other".. At that point I just yelled "pull him out" as I gave one final push and he was out! The relief you feel at that moment is amazing, and I was soo happy to finally be seeing this sweet face after so many weeks of not so patiently waiting for him.

After placenta came, and having a nice shower, we weighed and measured him. Baby Micah David was born in about 2 hours(once contractions started) weighing 9 lbs. 14 oz. 22.5 inches long.
14.75 head and a 14.5 chest.
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