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Re: help allergies!!!!

My girls are both allergic to milk and eggs. Soy milk is actually pretty good. You can get it in Vanilla, chocolate and in some places Berry. You can simply replace cow's milk with soy in most recipes. It doesn't work in puddings etc. as it doesn't have the fat content that cow's milk has. I've used it in just about everything.

Eggs are a little trickier, but you could probably get a egg-free cookbook at your local library (that's what we did) and copy out any recipes you would like to try. Some aren't so great, some are really good. Be aware that the egg subsitutes sold by the eggs still contain egg white. There is a powdered egg subsitute that is egg free, but I don't know where you would find it in a regular grocery store since I saw it at an Amish grocery store, but they should have it.

Good luck. The best thing about these two allergies is if the baby avoids them completely for now there is a better chance of outgrowing it within the next year or so.
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