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Re: Mirena and blood sugar drops in the afternoon

I decided to remove the Mirena because I can't take it anymore.. Other than feeling hungry all the time, which lead to the afternoon blood sugar dropping, my body was aching all the time.. It's not just when I wake up in the morning, which I experienced it before mirena if I'm super exhausted, but also wake up from 10 minutes nap.. And it last all day.. usually my body ach in the morning for probably an hour and everything is ok, but not with Mirena, all day.. Even after I'm relaxing watching TV, when I got up, my whole body was hurt.. It was crazy.. so I decided to remove it and since than my body doesn't hurt anymore, well, still hurt sometimes in the morning, but will be gone within the hour.
And the blood sugar dropping, afternoon hunger, body shaking, are also gone..
But yes, I agree, I have to eat better. I try to have breakfast now..

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