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Re: buying diapers in Germany?

They are sold on the economy as well if you speak German. I bought diapers in the US and sent them here and I paid hundreds in shipping. You do not want to pay by weight to ship prefolds. Not for items you can get here.

If I had known then that I could buy here and even that I could have bought used over here I would have been much more selective about the items I did buy from the US.

If you want to go new prefolds, fuzzibunz grovia and cotton babies as well as many european brands such as popolini, disana ect are all sold here on teh german economy from german websites without international shipping.

At the end of the day you have to reserach the savings you would get buying stateside or international. If you want to go used the savings may be worth it, but if buying new you are far better off to buy here.
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