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Re: buying diapers in Germany?

It might be cheaper to order from the US because the Euro is stronger than the US dollar. Last time I was in Germany $1.35=1€.
There are 2 German sites you can try.
The categories are on the left hand side. If you select höschenwindeln you will find eingrößenwindeln (one size diapers) and mehrgrößenwindeln (multiple size). You will also see All in one, all in two, and pocket option. Prefolds are listed as faltwindeln. Kontour-Windeln you will find things for the one size and multiple sized diapers. Neugeborenenwindeln you will find newborn diapers.

A site that might be easier is You will want to pick the category wickeln. On the left hand side there should be the same categories or you can shop by size under größe.

Remember they weigh in kg so if you are not familiar you will want to use an Internet converter.
Sorry this is so long, I hope it helps. I recently looked into moving to Germany so I have looked at these sites before. I took German in high school so it might be easier for me to use these sites. I did just take another peak at them to help you step by step Enjoy your stay, Germany is a wonderful country. I also like Austria,my favourite town in Austria is Bregenz.*
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