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Originally Posted by Rdesonia
If you notice... I first started this thread in June 2012 (When she was 11 months and she is now 19 months old). So yeah... we have worked on no biting, pinching, acrobatics. She normally will lay down to nurse in my lap. She is not allowed to continue if she bites, pinches, or starts to hop around like a little monkey. I'm still sore at every nursing so I think it's time. I feel like I "did my time".

Dh is off for the next 2 days plus the weekend plus the 18th for Presidents day. (So 5 days) It's 2pm here and she has not nursed yet today! I'm staying mostly out of her sight and DH is pushing fluids and sippy cups. I'm hoping to wean her cold turkey this weekend. I feel really bad about doing it this way. I would have preferred a gradual wean but all attempts to do so have failed. I obviously feel bad but so far she has not cried for me. She seems very happy playing with daddy and has not "Ma Ma Ma" or done the milk sign (sign language) yet. Dh is keeping her super busy and if she fusses just a little takes her outside to play to distract her. (It's in the 60's and sunny) I have not held her or picked her up at all today. (Which is crazy weird for me as I'm a SAHM and normally her primary caregiver.)

So Happy Valentine's day to me.... that was part of my V-day present. Dh staying home and I get 5 days off from taking care of her. (My boobs ache! )
Putting cold cabbage leaves inside your bra is supposed to give some relief. Sounds like it's going well! Hooray! I helped a mom wean in this very way when I was a teen...played with her LO all day and took him out when he really wanted to nurse. It worked for them too. Good job nursing her this long.
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