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Re: What age do you consider "pre-school age"?

Originally Posted by *Eva* View Post
I see a lot of people saying they have 2 and 3 year olds in preschool and I've never heard of that. To me preschool is at age 4 and then at 5 they go to kindergarten and so on and so forth. What do you guys consider preschool age?
There are many "preschools" here that start at age 2, but to call it pre-school is really a stretch. At age 2 they really are doing more of a "play school." (That's actually what pre-school was called in my area when I was coming up. And really, if they are still in diapers calling it preschool is a stretch.) At age 2 they get to listen to a lot of alphabet talk and counting, but for most of them, it doesn't really take ahold until closer to age 3. There's no harm in the exposure, but it isn't the end-all be all. (IMO)

Once they get to age 3, they are really able to absorb the prereading concepts much better and it is more of an actual pre-school environment with walking in lines, etc.

5K used to be considered preschool, but since it is pretty much available everywhere in public school and is a given these days, I consider it to be actual school now. K kids are expected to be able to read once they are done instead of learn their letters and numbers the way that it used to be.
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