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Re: Lets See Your Canning Shelves

Originally Posted by chloecat View Post
sure, but it's not much of a recipe!! i just toss it all in a pot! lol i'll give you what i believe the eyeballed measurements are okay

i put my tomatoes through a food processor/blender till they are pureed. skin and all. just cored and bad spots removed. dump all the puree in a stock pot. i usually use the big pot like you would use for cooking spagetti. anyways, fill that 3/4 full with the puree mixture. then add 3-4 small jars of the tomato paste store bought to help give a thicker texture. you can add more than this if you like your sauce super thick or it would be better for pizza sauce if you thicken it just a bit more!

4-6 tablespoons garlic
4-6 tablespoons italian seasoning
3 tablespoons salt
1/2 cup sugar
2-3 bay leaves

and that's it!! let it cook for 1-2 hours and laddle into jars. top with hot lids and flip upside down for the day. the next day check to make sure everything is sealed and you're good to go!

ps---you can also add an onion or a green pepper or both for some extra texture and flavor for the sauce. just chop super fine or puree it with the tomatoes!
This should not be done, they are have more acid in them than they used to and need to be water bathed or pressure canned.

I've not put up much this year just about 40pts of beans, elderberry juice and cough syrup and some chicken broth and soup.
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