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Re: Is Corn Syrup Bad?

Originally Posted by myfrugalfunlife View Post
I've recently eliminated hfcs from my kitchen. One thing I'm having issues finding is a ketchup that's hfcs free, especially now that I make my own barbecue sauce and need ketchup for the recipe I use.
I just found a recipe for a Heinz copycat and it's gotten great reviews-but it calls for light corn syrup. I know nothing about this-is it the same as hfcs? Are there any negatives to using it? I'm trying to switch us to a natural/whole foods diet as much as possible (hence the homemade ketchup), but don't know if using corn syrup is defeating my attempt?
I try to avoid all corn syrup. Do you have Trader Joes near you? Their organic ketchup (and I think most other organic ones in general) avoid using any sort of corn syrup. They taste wayyyy better!
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