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Re: tell me this toddler phase will pass?!?!

Originally Posted by divabeadz View Post
"Too fuzzy"..."It hurts"...these girls have no idea how lucky they are to be in soft, high quality, beautifully hand knit clothing! Heck, I'd love a pair of custom girly crankypants in my size but Amy has made it clear, she only does up to a 13" inseam...I won't even mention what my waits/hips/rise would be, but I assure you, a 13" inseam would not suffice LOL!!!!

So today, I waited until she was fully engrossed in an episode of Caillou when I asked her to step into her pants and without taking her eyes off the screen, she stepped right into a pair of kirsche sbish longies Yay for wool! Now let's see if I can get her into another pair tomorrow!
I knew Caillou had to be good for something.

I'm terrified of this too. My older daughter has sensory issues. She won't wear jeans without an elastic waist. I thought that if I started this one young she's be used to it.
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