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Racy BF ?

Ok, so dh wants me to ask this, but I feel sort of dumb asking since we are just now ttc, and I am determined this time to ebf. How do you have sex while all that milk is in there? I get lotsa milk, and when I say lots I mean oceans of the stuff. If even think about taking off my bra, milk just starts pouring out of my boobs. I soak about 15-20 breast pads a day when I let myself dry up (after failing miserably at bfing) so dh wants to know (and tbh I am sort or curious too) when it comes time to start being all lovey dovey with dh again, di I just have to do it with a bra on or just let the milk pour out all over and tell dh to avoid that area? Sorry, just wanting to know how to answer him.
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