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Re: If you planned a water birth...poll!

Well I paid $3500 for a birth center so I could have a water birth and it was worth every penny

My labor was only 4 hours and I was in denial for most of it We had to drive 80 miles to the BC and when we got there I was pretty much fully dilated. ALL I wanted to do was get in the tub immediately after we got there! It was such a relief when I finally got in after about 10 minutes (she was born an hour later). the warm water felt amazing and I felt like I could actually relax through the contractions way better than I could have in the bed or in any other position.

She was born in the tub, I had no desire to get out. the pushing phase is always the hardest for me as far as the pain goes, and the water took away some of the pressure just from gravity alone!
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