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Re: Finally have a place and planning next years garden help

Well, your lot is slightly larger than mine. So far we have 6 raised beds and a million planters (we prefer container gardening b/c we have some nasty clay soil that only grows weeds, lol). We plan on adding a few more raised beds and a small green house next year.

We have tons of dandelions but we just pull any that start growing in the beds b/c we actually harvest and eat the ones in our yard They don't come up through the bottom of the bed, just seed at the top so I try to get to the ones in the yard before they go to seed. I'm not sure what crabgrass is, so I guess I'm no help there

Square foot gardening is nice for small spaces, or any companion gardening really.

As far as the ducks I looked in to that a few months back and most people will tell you they are very messy and stinky and therefore really not practical on a small piece of land. I was sad because I wanted ducks so bad! We're going to do chickens next year and hope I don't react to homegrown eggs (I react to store bought chicken eggs, if I react to ours my family can still eat them). A couple years after that we'll look in to keeping bees. I can technically have dwarf goats (just found this out, apparently our city puts them in the dog category, lol), but I haven't figured out where I would put them so that's on the back burner for now.

We don't grow much in the way of flowers, all our space is reserved for edibles, hehe. I do want to do a few edible flowers next year though (pansies and violets maybe?) to put in the girls' salads and what not.

Right now we're growing:
6 tomato plants
3 apple trees
1 dwarf peach tree
2 strawberry patches
3 cranberry plants
1 salmon berry plants
1 white currant
4 blueberry bushes
6 evergreen huckleberry bushes
7 red huckleberry bushes
snap peas
4 kinds of potato
swiss chard
5 raspberry plants
2 marionberry plants
1 jalapeno (DHs experiment)
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