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Ok so because I'm sure my due date group is sick of hearing me complain I'm going to post here. Ive been feeling pretty crappy since Thursday. That night after being out with the family we got home and I had a low fever body aches chills and woke up covered in sweat. Ive been feeling about the same since then a little better if I take Tylenol no fever since friday. This morning I woke up and have a painful swollen lymph node behind both of my ears and a few on the back of my neck up to the base of my head. No sore throat coughing anything like that. I go see my dr tuesday but anyone have any ideas what this could be or some way to safely treat it while I'm pregnant. I'm just really tired of feeling like crap.

Eta: I'm 36 weeks in case you can't see my siggy.
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