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Food for thought

Before we know it Christmas will be here and we'll again be wondering what to get our darling children. Something unique and something they'll love.

Well I'll back up for a minute. My daughter has not been able to keep her room clean since we've moved into this new house and I knew something needed to be done. As she was packing for a week long trip to grandma's house I told her I was going go clean out her room and there wouldn't be much left when she got back. When she asked why, I told her it was because she couldn't seem to keep it clean. Being 8 she took it like a trooper and agreed. While she was gone I cleaned out everything except for one baby doll and the doll stuff that went along with it, her books and her craft items. Everything else got packed into totes.

Let's fast forward now to today. She hasn't missed a beat. She's playing like crazy with her baby (as is her brother lol), being much more creative again and reading tons of books. So that got me thinking. We homeschool and yes we have a ton of books but I thought it'd be neat to get each kid 1 REALLY cool book per Christmas. Something that really opens up their minds and imaginations - good literature. On top of that I talked with dh and we're going to go on a family trip, then just get the kids a few things for their stockings. We talked this over with our dd and she said she loved the idea. She even mentioned she could give away some of the toys I packed away for her

So, here's my challenge to you. We are down at the bottom when it comes to our nations literacy. How about paring down your kids toys, game systems, etc.... How about instead of buying oodles of toys and stuff that will get just thrown around anyways - take that money and go on a meaningful family vacation. They will always remember the vacations and time together as a family, but I can guarantee they won't remember the toys they got when they were 6.

Just something to think about
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