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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Customer Service can be a hard thing sometimes. While I agree that a "Thanks" at the very least should have been issued, I know that Mistakes happen. I once had a lady leave me Negative Feedback on an order with absolutely no explanation. I was SO Confused as to why, her order was shipped the next day exactly as she had ordered it, I'm very confident in the product that I make and didn't think quality was an issue, so I personally contacted her to see why./ She explained that It didn't Feel very "personal" to her, that she liked shopping with WAHM type shops because of the customer service and felt mine was lacking because I didn't thank her for her order. She liked her product and there was no issue there. It was a simple mishap, I send a Thank you card out in every order, but this one I simply forgot to slip it in before I mailed it. and rather than contacting me to let me know personally that she was not satisfied with her experience at my Shop she gave me public negative feedback. After Talking through the issue and rectifying things she then Changed her feedback to positive. Its a very simple Matter, If you have an issue contact the company, if they do NOTHING about it then leave the negative feedback. They should have thanked you, I would have gone above and beyond a simple thank you for you because that was a really great thing that you did. But did you contact the company to let them know of your bad experience and even give them a chance to set things right? Sometimes mistakes just happen, it may have been a new employee, it may be an issue that the company should know about that way they can fix it and make sure that employee is better trained in customer service.I don't think theres anything wrong with expecting exceptional Customer service, but if you don't get what you're expecting let them know and give them the chance to set things straight.
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