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I know that a lot of moms have given you a lot of great advice. But being that milk supply, or lack there of hits home to me, I felt the need to share. I am proudly beginning my 7 month mark of almost exclusively BF'ding my DS. I am a breast reduction mommy and was not sure if I was even going to be able to nurse at all. With my first son I was uneducated as to how I could increase my supply, so unfortunatly I only bf'd him for 12 weeks. This time I was sure to find out ALL of my options. I have used DPD.. I orded it online from outsite of the country. I felt personally that it was better then reglan, which did nothing for me. THe only problem is that eventually it got stopped at the border and I didnt want to take that chance again. SO I ended up going with an herbal route that acutally worked better for me then DPD in the long run. Of course I take fenugreek, 3 caps, 3x's a day. But I also have added Blessed Thistle(same dosage as Fenugreek) and to top it off I take a tincture of Goats rue 3'xs a day too. I know it seems like a lot but lemme tell ya! It has worked miracles. I am able to make up 3/4 of what my baby needs everday which is no small thing for a mom post breast reduction. So I would highly recommend the herbal route.. its easier to get ahold of here in the states and natural, which is always a plus! Sorry this is so long, I just know whats its like to need to increase my supply and this is what worked for me. Good luck!!! Oh and on a side note.. with the DPD.. I felt an increase about 2 weeks into taking it.. like my milk had come in for a second time!
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