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Re: When did your baby start sleeping in his own room?

Our daughter left our bed for good at 24 months. Sometime when she was 3, she started sleeping in a twin in her room.

We moved recently, and now we are all in the same extremely large bedroom, my daughter in her twin at one end of the room, and my husband and I plus 17 month old at the other end.

I have to say that I LOVE that we are still all in the same bedroom. No boogeymen here!

Quick story: When we were at our old house and 3 year old Gigi was in her daybed in our bedroom, I just naturally and casually mentioned to one of our aunts that Gigi would graduate to a twin in her bedroom "when she decided she was ready." I remember I said that because our Aunt looked at me funny and said in a haughty way, "Isn't it YOUR decision?" And I thought about it for the first time and decided that no, it wasn't just my decision, but hers too. They have a lot of say in the rhythm of our lives anyway, why not factor our children's needs in the beginning rather than trying to "fix" them at the end?
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