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Re: OK, this seems odd!

I have an almost 16 month old. We (well, DH) just got rid of bottles. She had been doing sippy during the day, but morning and evening bottles. DH got rid of them while I was on a business trip last week because he didn't think I could handle it... Where did my baby go!

She has been on table food for several months now. But I have just started doing cereal again! I wasn't liking what she was having for breakfast (and she will not eat eggs) so I tried the oatmeal baby cereal again (we had some leftover in the cupboard) and she loved it. I figure, it is good for her and adults eat oatmeal too just not ground as finely, so it is ok.

After reading the PP's post about eating veggies better from the jars, I am thinking I might even try that too! Some days DD will eat veggies, but some days she just won't. Maybe if I spoon feed them to her on those days she would still eat them? Worth a try.
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