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Re: OK, this seems odd!

I didnt read all the post so sorry if I repeat

DD1 ate very little(from day one and as a matter of fact still does lol) I often worried that she wasnt getting the right amount of the good stuff. She liked baby fruits and infant cereal. She ate the cereal until she was 2. She liked it and I knew it was good for her so I didnt see any problem with it. DD2 on the other hand pretty much went straight to table foods at 9mos(started infant foods at 7.5mos) and she's always eaten a lot so I never really pushed the purees and infant cereal with her. However I still will buy the infant foods fruits from time to time. I view it as being no different then applesauce just gives my girls(almost 4 and 18mos) more variety and they love dipping crackers and fruit pieces and such in it
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