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do you preschool your kids??

my dd is three and I keep getting comments about how she should be going to preschool this fall. (she's not potty trained so she won't be going anytime soon) But personally I really don't want to send her to pre-school at all. I really don't know how it would benefit her, I mean if I'm teaching her at home as far as her abc's and numbers and that then does she really need preschool? We do attend a moms and tots group at our church regularily and she also does kids church for her age, so she's very socialized and has always been a social kid. So I"m not worried about that. Basically my mother was a kindergaurden teacher for 10 years and thinks all children should go to preschool. I'm just not comfortable with it and really don't want her to go. I don't like the preschool system here. (you pay $400 for the year, plus have to volunteer at least once a month. Its only once a week too, so I don't see how that would benefit? so thoughts??
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