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Re: do you preschool your kids??

I wouldn't. We're planning on unschooling/homeschooling anyway - but just for the sake of the arguement, I wouldn't send him to pre-school if he were going to go to public/private school. It might be different elsewhere, but where I grew up, one didn't generally send their kids to pre-school unless both parents worked and weren't able to teach them what they're going to need to know before Kindergarten. Personally though, I don't think children need structured schooling at all until 7-8. Its becoming "trendy" or something lately to send babies as young as 2 to school and that's just strange to me.

Anyway, FWIW, my mom had 5 kids and didn't send any of us to pre-school and we all did really well in Kindergarten (well, one of my sisters didn't do very well, but she had a crappy teacher who tried to hold more than half her class back - but she didn't really well in 1st grade anyway).

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