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beta tomorrow....

Ugh Im so nervous. We did IVF and tomorrow is 9dp5dt (9 days post a 5 day blastocyst transfer). The Dr. said the embryo was hatching, so thats a really good sign, so Im praying it implanted nicely.

I have what could be considered symptoms, but the progesterone could also be to blame. I just so desperately want this to have worked. We travel from Maine to NY for this.. so leaving DS with family, plus traveling is exhausting. While TTC DS, it took a million and 1 tries with absolutely nothing medically wrong.. just waiting for the right one. We are so due for an easy one!

Please cross your fingers for me and send positive beta thoughts my way tomorrow. If it's negative, we will move forward with frozen transfers, but I really want THIS one

I have had more fatigue than I normally do on progesterone, somewhat sore boobs..not too bad though. Yesterday there was a little phase of shooting pains through my nipples. I have had intermittent cramps.. some feel like AF, others feel like pinching or tugging.

I promised DP I wouldnt POAS.. but part of me wants to know what to expect, but I will resist.
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