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Re: Do you have a name theme? Come share! :)

This made me laugh.

Wanna know our "theme" ?

We decided no two names in our family will start with the same letter! (b/c admittedly I hate the idea of all of the kids having same letter names So much so, that I wanted to go in completely the opposite direction.)

So, we have K, D, C, M, R and soon J. We don't plan on having more, but if we do, the next name cannot start with any of the letters already used.

We're weird. Er, different.

Oh, I guess I should add, we also include family member's names in our kid's names. I don't know why, but this is special and very important to me. It's been a family tradition in my family growing up forever, and I couldn't let it go, despite DH's opposition.

So, our DD1 is named after my paternal and maternal Gma and my Great Aunt. My DS1 is named after my FIL. My DD2 is named after both my MIL and my mother. And my DS2 will be named after my Dad.

DH hates it, as it restricts choices, but I like it b/c I feel like it honors those who helped you grow and contributed to bringing you into the world.

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