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Ds was asking me things over and over, finally I started just answering him one time. After that I just said "I already answered that question, you should have been paying attention". He is older though, this was recently and he is 5. Maybe that would work for you older child and the younger would follow that example?

You could also do things to practice their listening skills. Take them to the park and let them wear themselves out, then back at home sit together with some cards or beads or something like that, and give them instructions to follow. Be patient with them and give praise and big smiles when they do what you asked them to.

There are tons of things like that you could do with them to build up that skill. Defvtake them to get their hearing tested if you think it may be they. I'm thinking it's probably because they're playing together and active/crazy the way kids are, they're just having trouble changing gears to listen to mellow mom . I have two close together and they are that way sometimes

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