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Re: Update on hcg

Originally Posted by txmommytobe View Post
Yes I think the cramping is normal but the pain is a shooting pain and very uncomfortable. They are checking to see if I have a cyst or if it is something more serious. iMy last cycle was August 31. This was my first hcg check. I lost a twin in 2 of my pregnancies so they just want to see what is going on. I don't remember ever having had this much pain but it is all really new to me because my baby is 7 and I don't remember much!! Thanks for all the support. Oh and I am posting in may because I will deliver in may due to repeat c-section

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I had shooting pain in the beginning of my pregnancy, around 5-7 weeks. It went from around my bellybutton, down to my hip... around the right side. It felt like it was in the area of the right ovary. It had me REALLY scared about an ectopic. Even now, I have shooting pains from my hip, into the inside of my vagina. It's pretty uncomfortable, but it's all been determined as normal pregnancy pains.
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