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Re: Cloth or disposable wipies?

DJ's still in sposies during the day while I'm working which means that every morning I put a sposie on him and he comes home in one every evening. And we had just bought a case of sposie wipes right before I switched to cloth so we still have those hanging around. So, the wipes warmer is right there on the changing table with the sposie wipes in it, but honestly, I mostly only use those when he's actually wearing a sposie these days. At first I thought it would be easier to keep using the sposie wipes but it's kind of gross to get him all cleaned up and then have to separate the poopy wipes from the diaper and toss them (meaning leave them hanging around). I mean, when I change a poopy sposie, the wipes go inside the diaper, then I roll the whole mess up, fasten it shut and toss it's a nice neat little package. But if I toss just the wipes, then there's poopy wipes just sitting there in the open.

If he's wearing cloth and I realize he's dirty, I just grab a washrag or two and wet them (just warm tap water) on the way to the changing table. On the weekends, when he's in cloth all the time, I'll wet a few rags or cloth wipes and stash them in the wipes warmer on top of the sposie wipes so that they are handy.

When these sposie wipes are gone, I'm seriously thinking I'll just use cloth wipes all the time...even with sposie diapers. I've looked at the different wipes recipes and solutions but plain water is working well for now. If it ain't broke...
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