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Re: I'm pregnant, but don't feel comfortable joining a DDG; Shouldn't have joined-pos

Originally Posted by myblessedbaby View Post
Thanks for all the love ladies. Such a sadness. I've been listening to Selah's "I will carry you" over and over. I'm sad, but feeling at peace with God about all this loss. I know He's just as sad as I am and I'm surrounded by His mercy, love, and compassion.

We went through testing for RPL with an RE back in september. He didn't find anything with me, but with my DH there was something called sperm DNA decondensation where the sperm has difficulty "downloading" the DNA info into the egg causing a non-viable pregnancy. We were told there is a 90% chance of pregnancy failure with this issue. We decided not to seek any major medical intervention (IVF with ICSI) and to just keep trying until one sticks or we can't take it anymore.
huge hugs Kate
After a bumpy road of infertility, 6 years of procedures,CLAIRE IS 2!!!!!!! missing our angel(9/5/12)
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