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Re: Milk Supply Struggles and Baby Coming

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
Jen I had no idea you had struggled so much with nursing. I have been thinking about you lots and wondering how you are doing. I have often thought if you were not due the same time as me I would have come up to your place and camped out so you could catch my squish I have wondered if when women have such challenges if there is a number of things happening not just one. You know like the perfect storm of no milk. Your body has such a hard time when you are pregnant and then I doubt you get much rest after delivery. Other than staying VERY well hydrated and some of the supplements I have no great ideas. I just wanted to offer my support and say I hope so very much that you have a positive and peaceful experience.

Thanks so much for the encouragement I was very, very stressed last time and I sort of feel like that is what happened. We had just moved cross-country, DH was unemployed and the $$ was gone. We literally were trusting God for our food (and He provided!) I do think it had a huge impact on me though. I also had my most severe bout of PPD was just awful This overall has been a more relaxed pregnancy, in spite of all the complications. I have been able to just look forward to baby and there is a lot less on our plate.
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