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I am cleaning out all of Westin's woolies! All shorties are the same size, and the 3 longies are the same size. The shorties fit my son between the age of 6mo-15mo, and the longies were from about 9mo-current (he is 15mo and they still fit, we just don't use them)
I bought all the wool and had them knit by Wendy from wooly britches on HC. Some were worn 1-2 times, others were never worn. I LOVE the look of wool, but never used them for a diaper cover. So they have never been peed or pooped in They will come freshly washed, but will most likely need to be lanolized as I have none.

Please PM with questions or interest. I will discount for multiple items and I'm open to all reasonable offers. ISO pp only, at this time. Thanks!

Shorties, unstretched- W: 16 R: 17 H: 20 I: 3(not including gusset) all shorties are the same size, maybe millimeters different LOL, and they all stretch a lot.
Longies, unstretched- W: 16 R: 17 H: 20 I: 8 1/2 (not including gusset)

1. LT rainbow $35PPD NOW $30PPD

2. Cestari Scrappies from most of above wool. $55PPD NOW $50PPD


FCOL shirts, 18-24mo. GUC, typical cracking in spots, but nothing major. $8PPD each

DBK boogie woogie BFL 'jungle gent' $35PPD

DBK cestari (color way ?) $35PPD

DBK cestari (color way ?) $35PPD

DBK cestari Starry Night $35PPD

Cestari 'compass'?? $35PPD

Tru 2 Ewe cestari (color way ?) $35PPD NOW $30PPD

DBK cestari (color way ?) $35PPD NOW $30PPD

DBK cestari 'spring thaw' $50PPD NOW $45PPD

Family Roots 'Seattle street puddle' (not sure of base) includes matching page boy hat not pictured. $50PPD NOW $45PPD
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