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Re: Cost break down of any system for less than $400, including organic options

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
Wow thanks for all that work.

I recently did a survey here (link is still below, with results on the last page of that thread), that indicated people expect to spend below $500 but tend to spend between $500-750. The biggest culprit appeared to be "One Size" systems that really don't end up being one-sized.

Additional research I've done shows that people usually start with a newborn size, then go to one size, and then have a toddler or PLing solution (because so many OS quit at 30-35 lbs.

Keeping *that* in mind, here are some other considerations:

-- You can keep your costs below $400 overall on sized systems if you take good care of your diapers and resell them.

-- Lots of people who start with flats then "upgrade" tend to return to them, finding out that flats and prefolds really aren't significantly more trouble than AIOs. For us, folding the AIOs (getting them straightened out and ready to put on) took the same amount of time as folding flats. And AIOs created far more laundry drama (our utility bills went up $20 a month).

--Flats can fit into lots of covers, including pockets, which means you may have to buy new covers but not inners (and inners are where we need the most pieces).

So if I had to make a stash that wasn't flats or prefolds, for $400 or less, I would do ...

-- 48 of these, making 24 sets of 2, to put into daytime diapers.

-- For nights, 2 each of this nighttime doubler and this doubler in size large. Each night diaper gets one of each.

That's $107.40 so far, for all the absorbent parts you need for birth to potty.

Now, newborn covers ...

8 Thirsties XS, at $90. A generous supply, for 6-12 pounds.

And then, for 13-28 pounds ...

6 size Medium gDiaper gPants for day - $90 (Toys R Us)
2 Flip covers for night - $28

And then ... for 28-36 lbs ...

6 size Large gDiaper gPants - $90.
(keep using Flips at night)

If you don't like gPants, substitute Flips. Or sized Thirsties, they cost even less.
That's an awesome setup! I just might suggest that to my roommates, if they end up wanting to do something besides flats/prefolds. Thank you. I'd love it if people keep contributing to this thread as that was the original hope
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