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Re: (o) TTC While Breastfeeding (o) October.

Originally Posted by trying4more View Post
Here it is!

CD 1. Boo.
I read that the first cycle is usually annovulatory, and then the next 2-3 cycles can still be wonky and have short LP's. It can take a few cycles before the body regulates itself again.

So, with this info, I really feel like NTNP the next few cycles until they at least get a little more regular. I'd be heartbroken if I got a BFP, then start bleeding a few short days later because my body couldn't sustain that pregnancy yet.
My last cycle was 59 days ago.
That's exactly what happened to me last month the first time I ovulated pp (15 months later), I got a BFP and then started bleeding a few days later. It was a stressful experience so ya we're NTNP until I feel like I'm more regular but if I get a sticky BFP before that, great.

I'm NTNP (but I feel like ttc sometimes too) baby #2. My son is 16 months now and I'm still bf'ing but only in the morning and before bed. We'll see what happens. I can't wait to chat with you ladies and thanks for making this thread!
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