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Re: Best 1st kids novel/chapter book to read aloud

Originally Posted by Rhianna'sMommy View Post
What kind of things interest your dd? I think you should factor that in when choosing a chapter book at that age. When dd1 was 3 we tried Charlotte's Web and it was an utter ailer. But she LOVED fairies (still does at almost 9) and we picked up a Rainbow Magic Fairy book and she was hooked. She read everyone we could find for for her for a few years. These books do not hold dd2's attention at all though. Ds enjoys Magic Tree House sometimes. Neither dd2 or ds really enjoy chapter books at all yet - they mich prefer a story book that can be finished in one sitting.
She's really into dinosaurs and animals of all kinds. Lately, every time we go to the library she wants a book about bugs. She has a wide range of interests though.
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