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Re: Bread Bowls??

Oh, I just take an oven safe bowl (like glass or my old stoneware) and turn it upside down on a cookie sheet--or an upside down muffin pan for toddler sized ones, but just do every other one so they won't touch and cook into each other unless you're just looking to recreate an egg carton for some reason--oil it a bit, drape the dough over it, and bake. I often use a roll and cut type biscuit recipe so I don't have to fuss with rising yeast, so I'm sure frozen would be fine. When they are done they'll be a little dome shaped, so I cut a little sliver off the bottom so they lay flat on the plate. And that's it.

ETA: Oh, sometimes I'll even use the leftover dough to make little dough snakes, braid them and wrap them around the bottom of the dough (top of the bowl) to make a little decorative lip. Or use the cut off sliver from the base and lay it on top of the soup and call it a mini pot pie for the kids.
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