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Re: Starting real food..

Do you have the book First Foods? I love it and she teaches you how to make certain things, what to give month to month, etc. I used it as a guide for about five months or so and now I just check it occasionally. Avacado is always good b/c its easy for them to much up w/ their gums. I steam zuchinni, squash, and broccoli and give him little pieces of that- he loves it! I'll do mac and cheese and put in myfood processor and then we both have it for lunch. I've also taken ravioli's (grown up kind) and mushed those up and spoon fed them to him, but now he can eat little pieces using his fingers. I also would bake a potato and then boil some chicken and steam some broccoli and put that in the food processor. The "porridge" she suggests int he book is really healthy for them and that's his breakfast alot of days. Ethan is also nuts about blueberries. I cut them in half and they've been a hit for months now. He'll never say no to those LOL. I think I started him on soft cheeses at about 9 months and that's still abig hit. I just cut it up in little pieces for him. I tried shredded and he won't touch it. That book is really useful. I highly suggest it.
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