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Re: Starting real food..

I gave dd lots of veggies and fruit. The only thing I would watch for with other foods is food allergies. It turns out my dd is allergic to milk, egg, and sesame (all confirmed through allergy testing). So for the most allergic foods (milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shell fish, wheat, and soy) just be sure you give them one at a time and watch for reactions. If there isn't one (wait a few hours, it can take a while for some) then that food is probably safe.

One thing that worked well for us was to keep a bag of frozen mixed veggies and frozen mixed fruit in the freezer. When I didn't have anything else suitable, I would take out a few pieces and steam them in the microwave for dd. She ate what she liked and I didn't have to cook five different veggies in order for her to get some variety. She also loves pasta so we give her lots of that. Watch out for too much dairy because even if there isn't an allergy, too much dairy can be hard on a babies stomach.

I really believe in giving babies whatever you are eating (within reason). We have always given dd all kinds of foods and she is a really good eater. She likes curries and all sorts of spicy, exotic foods.
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