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EBF baby refusing bottle-Is there a bottle brand more like breast?

I breastfeed my 11 week old baby 99% of the time. But there are times when I need to leave her for a few hours to run errands,etc. Last night I left her with my husband and pumped so he could feed her. We have the Avent bottles and she refused it. She's eaten from it before but only 1-2 times a few weeks ago. She couldn't get her tongue under it properly then would get frustrated and it even gagged her a few times.

Can anyone recommend a bottle that is more like the breast? I'm curious if anyone has experience with the Innobaby Nurser set.
Also has anyone else had issues with babies refusing a bottle & then found one? (My last baby also went on a bottle strike at 6 months).

I don't intend to quit exclusively nursing until 1 year but I'd like to be able to leave her if I need to!

I appreciate any suggestions!
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