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Re: Staph Down There while pregnant??

Originally Posted by AniMommy View Post
I'd call your doctor to clarify what s/he meant. But I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Most people have staph colonized on their skin and and it has no harmful effect. There are lots of kinds of staph. People can get staph infections (a boil) which is like a large really painful zit. You would know there was something wrong. Sometimes staff can be the "bad" kind (MRSA) which is hard to treat/get rid of.

If you don't have an active infection, there isn't much I would worry about. Just continue with normal hygiene stuff - hand washing.

Are you sure it wasn't 'strep'?
Thanks. Makes me feel a little better. He said typically it is strep.. but in this case its staph. I think I will call him tomorrow if I get a break from work. Just to make sure
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