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Re: Need some advice from Mamas who gently parent (only those mamas please)...

I have the same situation with a friend of mine. She's a great friend but a horrible mother. Sad, but true. She is always asking to get together for playdates and I lie and say we have plans most of the time.

She screams at her kids, calls them names, spanks, pushes, yells, cusses, anything horrible, she does it. We DO NOT and don't believe in that type of behavior for ANYONE, most especially our children.

When I do cave and get together with her, I hope that my good influence will rub off on her. I'm not a perfect parent, far from it, but I'd like to think that our way of gentle discipline and kindness are much better for my children. I know they are actually.

The only time I would step in is if there was physical harm being done. I do tell her when I think she has gone over the line (usually name calling-she calls her kids the most awful names) and she usually is embarrassed and stops.

I hope that your friend will be the same way with you. I hope that she sees how much better your style of parenting is and that she learns from you. Sadly, that is probably how she was treated, so she "doesn't know any better" Not an excuse, but you can only do what you know, kwim?

Good Luck!
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