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Re: My mom is trying to take over my birthing!

If you want your husband to do something specifically make sure to say husband do this so so there is no doubt just who you are speaking to.

You may find in labor if things go badly the very trait you find difficult right now to be a blessing then.

Although like 90% or more of births are just fine every now and then trouble happens. My mother can be overwhelming at times as well. When I wound up transported to the hospital it was a real blessing. I was able to relax after baby was delivered knowing my mother wouldn't let the doctors or nurses rest until things were just right. Because of her persistence and strong personality my daughter was the first baby to be allowed in the recovery room in our hospital. I never even had to think about asking for my baby. I just lay there and waited for my mother to get through with them. Sure enough they couldn't hold out against her.

Adding my mother was a blessing not needing to be transported.

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