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Re: Stealing food & becoming obese

The gummy vitamins--do they contain iron? Do you mean he ate them all in one day? That would warrant a trip to the ER or at least a call to poison control immediately.

Sorry you are dealing with all this It does sound like it's partially emotional/relationship stuff, but maybe a medical deficiency involved.

ETA: Don't let him turn it into a mom's house vs dad's house you're awful for not having "good" food. It does sound like a LOT of really big chanegs in a short time and at a sensitive age...if he starts going to school now (access to food) plus spending some time with dad/grandma, I can't see how locking food up (or any other thing you do at home) will help him at all, but it can at least keep him from taking all of what is meant to last for the family. I would give unlimited access to vegetables and water only, serve healthy balanced meals with aage appropriate serving sizes (no snacks) at set times, and lock or keep out of the house everything else. But I can't see making a change like that when your baby is coming now and he's starting school. Has his doctor ruled out medical reasons?
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