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toddler containment ideas

So my 26 month old decided today was a good day to climb out of the playpen. I use it (a standard pack & play) for exactly 30 minutes every day so I can take a shower. I set it in the hall, and we have an old vhs-only TV that I put on a table at the end of the hall so he can watch Pingu or Sesame Street. There is no possible way I can trust him loose in the house (or even in his room) while I shower, and he will not stay in the tub with me. He is really curious, strong willed, and into everything. Very busy.

I looked into a playpen tent like we had with ds1, only to find them all recalled from a strangulation hazard. So that won't work. There has to be something with taller sides than a Pack & Play.. or some way I can still take a shower in the morning :P Please advise.. I will consider any and all ideas.. I realllly need my shower to wake up!
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