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Anyone decluttering their LIFE?

Hi ladies. Can I join you?! I've been checking in here for a while now as I've been decluttering and minimizing our belongings. I am not a pack rat or over decorater type anyway, so it comes easily to me. Reading minimalist blogs has made me start to reconsider things that I thought I had to keep, so I'm getting rid of more than ever.

It has been on my mind lately to cut back on appointments and activities. Even to sell my car and share DH's (plus use our bikes and public transportation). Also, to cancel our cable TV, Netflix and gym membership. All of these things require a financial commitment, which creates a demand for DH to make a certain amount of money. He makes enough to cover that stuff, but its seems like a minimalist would use that money for something more meaningful or even choose to work less and be with the family more.

I'm really curious how far you ladies have taken it? I want to make these other changes, but I'm worried I might regret it. Also, DH isn't on board with "this minimalist BS," so I don't want to go to great lengths to convince him to, sell my car for instance, then have us be miserable sharing his car, KWIM?
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