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Re: Anyone decluttering their LIFE?

Originally Posted by tabitha84 View Post
You said it perfectly. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Your DH sounds similar to mine. He already agreed to cut the cable and would be thrilled if we had less appointments/activities to take the kids to, but when I mentioned getting rid of the TV, he flipped. I'm ok with keeping the TV if he's that attched to it. I just don't like the kids seeing all the advertisemsents. I think you're totally right that I shouldn't get too drastic all at once. That is so my personality. Maybe I can start biking and walking with the boys and pretend I don't have my own car. If I can manage it for a long time, then it will be easier to convince DH... and myself.
We haven't had cable for years and have only one TV, but my kids can't watch anything but PBS, so no worries about advertisements. I also utilize the TV sleep timer function. They can watch 30 minutes a day while I am showering, then it turns off by itself . DH was not thrilled to cut cable way back when, but admitted it is nice to spend time with his real, three-dimensional family more than when we had cable .

We do 4-H, which is only once a month and something we do as a family (so not tons of separate classes/meetings) and then the kids OVER AGE 5 can do one activity each during the school year (piano, karate, etc). Everyone does swim lessons in the summer. We have church stuff on Wednesday nights (besides Sundays), but again that is a family thing so not an issue of running different people all over the place.

ETA: The minimum age of 5 I imposed for activities. When I was a kid, it was age 7, and perhaps that would be even better. I know my younger kids don't know what they are missing and get nothing substantial out of activities when they are so young.

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