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I've had 3 csections, one vbac,and this next one will be another csection. With baby #1, my pregnancy was fine and everything was good until the week before my due date. We moved out of our apartment and even though no one would let me lift anything, even a pillow, my water broke the next morning. It had rained that day so our mattress was wet so we stayed at my sisters'. I pretty much woke straight out of sleep saying my water had broke. It was a gush that didnt stop until we got to the hospital. DH freaked out and broke all kinds of speed laws so we were lucky it was early Sunday morning and no one was out. Once my dr examined me at the hospital she said she thought DD was breach. They checked and she was so they wanted to do a csection. I asked why they didn't try to turn DD, but the dr said because my water had already broke there was danger of infection so she didn't want to. I never felt any contractions although the machines said I was having them. The actual surgery went fine and DD was fine. I had no complications and the recovery was super easy.

Baby #2 was Ds1 and he was a vbac that went horridly.

Csection 2 was fine except I ended up getting a huge blister at my incision. Apparently I'm now allergic to latex. That blister caused me an unbelievable amount of pain. I thought it was my incision. It wasn't until they were removing my staples that a nurse told me I had a blister. I couldn't move for weeks until the blister healed.

Csection 3 was scheduled for a Wednesday. On Saturday DH decides we are getting cows. That day. He's gone all day getting them. They are going to be at my parents across the street. I walked over there three times that day making sure everything was ready. Dh goes to bed at 7 because he has to work that night. I'm tired as well so around 8 I get in bed as well. I'm reading when I feel some liquid. but just a little. I didn't know if my water had actual broke because it felt so different from DD. I ended up googling it to make sure and realized it probably was my water breaking. I wasn't having contractions so i decided to wait a little while so Dh could get some rest. Around 1030 I figured my parents (our babysitters) were probably going to bed so I called them up to come over. I woke dh up and told him he wasn't going to work. We drove into the hospital, about 45 minutes away. By the time we got there I was having contractions. They monitored me a little and did some test and then it was off to have the baby. It took about 3 hours once we got there until Ds was out. This time I had a spinal and it went loads better than the two epidurals. I also felt good enough I wanted to go home after three days but I would have had to come back to get the staples out the next day. I knew there was no way I would make the drive so we stayed in the hospital. I'm hoping to ask for stitches this time so if I do feel better I can leave when I want.

Mom to DD(17), DS(8), DS(5), DS(3), and one waiting in heaven.
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