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Re: S/O do you buy for more than just your own family for Christmas?

we buy for ds and dd and our nieces and nephews (9 on dh's side, none on mine). the adults don't exchange gifts. although, my parents usually can't help themselves and get gifts for my siblings and i. usually money or a gift certificate. dh and i don't really buy gifts for each other either, we sometimes go buy something for ourselves as a treat. my family all decided a couple years ago that it was just too stressful, and we'd all rather enjoy our holiday together without the extra stress. and keep our own money to go buy whatever else we want maybe that's grinch-like of us, but honestly, we're all happier for it. they do buy gifts for my kids, and i feel bad that we dont' reciprocate. but no one else has kids, and none of us want to bring back the mass present buying for adults. when my siblings have kids, i will probably buy gifts for them too.

dh's family has never been big on present exchanges, so that was never an issue. we bring gifts for the kids, but that's it. we don't exchange presents with friends. i will probably bake some cookies to give to the people in my group at work. there's only 4 of us, and they had started the tradition of exchanging small gifts amongst themselves before i started here. so i can't really bow out but cookies are no big deal.
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