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Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi

Hi mamas!

I thought it would be fun to see how different brands of prefolds compare to one another. I got a sample of NB, SM, MD, LG of: Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy Better Fit, and Zabi. When possible I got organic and unbleached. Most of the time I only have one sample of each prefold. So this is by no means a very scientific little comparison, but it shows a general idea of how they compare.

First I'll share some prefold measurements before and after washing, as well as their weight in ounces. It is helpful to consider the weight of the prefold when considering absorbency, but remember that the width of the thicker middle panel also helps determine the overall absorbency. After looking at how they compare in inches and ounces, we'll look at some pictures!

Please add your action shots and your experiences with your favorite prefolds! Which are softest? Which are most absorbent? It would be helpful to share: baby's age, weight and measurements. You can also mention if yours are current prefolds, or older ones. Prefolds are always changing. Okay, here goes!

Cloth-eez GMD Unbleached:
NB: 13/12.25 before washing, 10.5/10.5 after washing, 2.2oz
SM: 15/14 before washing, 12.75/12.5 after washing, 2.9oz
MD: 18.25/15 before washing, 15.25/13.5 after washing, 3.8oz
LG: 20/16.25 before washing, 17.5/15 after washing, 5.3oz

Cloth-eez GMD Organic:
NB: 13.65/12.5+ before washing, 11.5/11.5 after washing, 2.5oz
SM: 16.4/14.75+ before washing, 13.75/13.75 after washing, 3.6oz
MD: 18/14.75 before washing, 15.25/13.5 after washing, 3.8oz
LG: 20.25/16.25 before washing, 17.5/15 after washing, 5.3oz

Diaper Rite Unbleached:
NB: 14/12.5 before washing, 11.5/11.25 after washing, 2.5oz
SM: 14.5+/14.25 before washing, 12.5/12.5 after washing, 2.9oz
MD: 18/15.5 before washing, 15.5/14 after washing, 3.8oz
LG: 19.5/16.75+ before washing, 16.75/14.5+ after washing, 4.5oz

Imagine Unbleached:
NB: 13/11.5 before washing, 10.75/10.5 after washing, 1.6oz
SM: 15/13.5 before washing, 12.75/12.5 after washing, 3.1oz
MD: 17.25/15 before washing, 14.75/13.75 after washing, 4oz
LG: 19.25+/16 before washing, 16.75/14.5+ after washing, 4.5oz

Imagine Organic:
NB: 13/11.5 before washing, 11.25/10.25 after washing, 1.7oz
SM: Was out of stock. Please help me with this one.
MD: 17.5/15 before washing, 14.5/13.75 after washing, 4.1oz
LG: Was out of stock. Please help me with this one.

OsoCozy Better Fit Unbleached:
Infant or NB IMO: 13.75/12.25 before washing, 11.5/10.75+ after w, 2.3oz
Premium or SM: 16/15.25 before washing, 13.5/13.25 after washing, 3.4oz
Toddler or MD: 18/15.25 before washing, 15.5/14 after washing, 3.9oz

Zabi Unbleached:
NB: 14.25/12.5 before washing, 12/11 after washing 2.5oz
SM: 16.25/14.5 before washing, 13.25/13 after washing, 3.4oz
MD: 18.75/15.25 before washing, 16/14 after washing, 4.2oz
LG: 20.5/16.25 before washing, 17.5/14.75 after washing, 5.2oz

Everything before washing:

Everything after washing: I love this picture, lol! It was fun to take it and see them all lined up together!

NB before washing:

NB after washing: GMD UB 10.5/10.5, 2.2oz, Imagine UB 10.75/10.5, 1.6oz, Imagine Org 11.25/10.25 1.7oz, GMD Org 11.5/11.25 2.5oz, Diaper Rite 11.5/11.25 2.5oz, OsoCozy Infant 11.5/10.75 2.3oz, Zabi 12/11, 2.5oz:

GMD UB: 10.5/10.5 2.2oz
Imagine UB: 10.75/10.5 1.6oz
Imagine Org: 11.25/10.25 1.7oz
GMD Org: 11.5/11.25 2.5oz
Diaper Rite: 11.5/11.25 2.5oz
OsoCozy Infant: 11.5/10.75 2.3oz
Zabi: 12/11 2.5oz

SM before washing:

SM after washing: Diaper Rite, GMD UB, Imagine UB, Zabi, OsoCozy Premium, GMD Organic:

SM staggered:

Diaper Rite: 12.5/12.5 2.9oz
GMD UB: 12.75/12.5 2.9oz
Imagine UB: 12.75/12.5 3.1oz
Zabi: 13.25/13 3.4oz
OsoCozy Premium: 13.5/13.25 3.4oz
GMD Organic: 13.75/13.75 3.6oz

MD before washing:

MD after washing: Imagine Organic, Imagine UB,GMD Organic, GMD UB, OsoCozy Toddler, Diaper Rite, Zabi

MD and Wide Baby before washing:

MD and Wide Baby after washing:

MD staggered:

Imagine Organic: 14.5/13.75 4.1oz
Imagine UB: 14.75/13.75 4oz
GMD Organic: 15.25/13.5 3.8oz
GMD UB: 15.25/13.5 3.8oz
OsoCozy Toddler: 15.5/14 3.9oz
Diaper Rite: 15.5/14 3.8oz
Zabi: 16/14 4.2oz

LG before washing:

MD to LG after washing:

LG after washing:

LG and Wide Baby:

LG staggered:

Imagine UB: 16.75/14.5 4.5oz
Diaper Rite: 16.75/15.25 4.70z
GMD Organic: 17.5/15 5.30z
Zabi: 17.5/14.75 5.2oz
GMD UB: 17.5/15 5.2oz
Mama to our many blessings!

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